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The Arrow Of Time The Arrow Of Time

Rated 5 / 5 stars


For those who want some help.

FIGHT IN THE SHADE - Use lag to your favor or use your extra turrents and Piercing/Homing missles and spam like crazy.

QUICK DRAW - Piercing/Homing arrows. Just keep trying til you get it, try to be accurate while your lobbing arrows.

TIME HUNTER - Piercing/Time arrows. If you use anything other than piercing it will kill the "suicide bombers" that come at you. Piercing will keep it alive and take it back. Use that combination on all types of enemies and you should get them. Make sure to kill the dinosaurs after they fall. I use (hotkey 2) for Piercing/Timing to turn them to dino's then switch to (hotkey 1) Homing/Fire to finish them off.

Onto the review.

Intriguing little fantasy story, replayable game play and use of a reward/upgrade system is always key to a good game. Graphics were of higher quality and the art style fit the theme for each era of time. The boss fights were a great addition to the gameplay. Kudo's! Another great flash addition to newgrounds games!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Good Game

Very good tower defense game. Some people asked for advice so I just wanted to give some.

For mission 5, when you first start, don't go for upgrades right away. Try to get your layout set with minor upgrades here and there. Another thing for this that I found very nice. When you get up in the 40's the enemies have tons of health. A good thing to do is when they finally get through your maze and are ready to head into their zone, delete a section of your maze on the other side and make a secondary entrance to the zone and then cover the first. This will turn the enemies around and send them back through your entire maze again.

One last bit of advice. You really don't need that 'many' air towers. I had one fully upgraded one sitting in the center of the place and two level 4 extra near the zones. Then again, I only had one of the slow ground splash towers so the majority of my weapons attacked air.

Very fun game. The only reason I gave interactivity a 7 is because with tower defense games you don't do much but watch after you get so far. I'm not complaining though, I enjoy these sort of games. Sound is 5 because it actually bore me so I muted it, but the sound isn't what makes this game so I still give it a 9 overall and 5/5 vote. Very nice submission to NG.

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Dark Cut Dark Cut

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I couldn't really rate the graphics high because they were nothing spectacular. The game was very interesting within itself though so kudos for that. Sound really added to the feel of the game...very good job with that. I didn't know how to rate the violence because it wasn't necassarily what I consider violent, but it was very bloody =) The process of going through and patching them up was very interactive and fun to do. Overall I gave it a 9 ^.^ Good job, I really liked this game. To the guy below's high...heh, keep up the good work

Mouse Sensitivity: BE Mouse Sensitivity: BE

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It's ok

I thought it was ok, nothing spectacular, but I thought for those who want to get the feel for maybe having their mouse get chased by something would probably find it handy. You can use this basic concept and apply it to something like having an AI baddy chase around a good character. Hhhhmmm...if it get's blammed just add a selection menu where you can decide what follows your mouse around. The music was pretty cool too, but yeah. Anyways, decent work

tedfuzz responds:

Thanks man for writing a review. I'm glad you had something somewhat positive to say!

Baby Destruction Baby Destruction

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Awesome!!! Baby Bashing!!!

This was hilarious. I loaded it up and laughed every time I punched a baby. Now you need to make a game where you eat 'em ^.^ *slurp* Get in my belly!! Hehe...nice work. Very amusing

PreLoader Tutorial PreLoader Tutorial

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simple Detailed Tutorial

What I like most about this tutorial over others is you actually took the time to explain the coding. I really dislike when people just say "put this code here" because it doesn't give the user a very good understanding of "Why" it goes there. You did a wonderful job and I'm glad you didn't have the tutorial crammed with animation and fancy stuff. Simplicity is good and you did the job. I feel safe to now make my own preloader. Thanks a lot ^.^

Super Smash Bros. Advance Super Smash Bros. Advance

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good Start

Yeah, it's a good start. You need to fix some of the moves though cause I couldn't get Kirby's Special to work. I don't know if you just didn't add it in, if it was my computer or what. I think if you add more it'd be a lot better. Make few more moves for each of the characters and maybe take out that little annoying Waddle Dee or Waddle whatever he is. I just thought he posed more of an annoyance rather than enhancing the gameplay. Good work though, I hope you complete it.

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